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About Cori and John

Cori Grimm

Cori is not only an accomplished and enthusiastic dancer, but also an excellent teacher of dance. She loves to help new dancers of all ages and abilities get out on the floor, feeling comfortable and confident. Having fun is a must!

So many people come to dance at moments of transition in their lives. Whether your goal is to meet people, explore a lifelong dream of learning to dance, perform like on Dancing with the Stars, or just get some good exercise, Cori will help you experience the magic of ballroom dancing.

Cori got hooked on ballroom dancing by taking lessons with her dad in highschool. She has performed with the UC San Diego Dance Team (where she met her husband John Ourant) and taught for the UB Ballroom Dance Club in Buffalo, New York. She considers herself a social dancer who knows how to turn on the style at performance time. Cori is also the manager of the Evergreen Ballroom.

John OurantJohn has been dancing since 1992, training extensively in college. His expertise is in lead-follow skills which he learned as part of a teachers training program in San Diego. He's Cori's training partner and music man!

John also has a very rewarding 'Day Job'. When he's not dancing, John works in Ashland as a homeopath. Read more about John on his web site: www.RogueValleyHomeopathy.com.

More questions? We're always happy to talk to you. Give Cori a call 541-482-0134 (Home) or email her.