What Level Am I?

Learning to dance can be fun, rewarding and challenging! Choosing the right level class and starting at the beginning of a series makes for a more pleasurable experience. If you're not sure what level you are, just ask...
If you want to give yourself or your partner an extra boost, consider a private lesson. Or, try a Beginning Couples Workshop, held monthly on Saturdays.

Level 1:
Over 3 weeks, you will learn the most popular 5 (or so) social patterns and try out a couple of Level 2 steps.
For people who are new to dancing.
Most people, especially leaders, find it helpful to repeat Level 1 at least once.
If you're new to dancing, be sure to start at the beginnig of the series.

Level 1-2:
Over 3 weeks, you will review the most popular 5 (or so) patterns with more technique, plus 3-6 Level 2 steps.
For dancers who already know their basic 5 steps or who are quick learners.
These classes are faster-paced than Level 1 classes.

Level 2:
Over 3 weeks, you will review the basics with good technique and add 5-8 Level 2 steps. Level 2 steps require more co-ordination and better technique to lead/follow than Level 1 steps.
For dancers who are comfortable with the basics and are interested in expanding their repertoire and improving technique.

'Technique' and 'Intro to Silver-Level' Classes:
Learn the basics of more difficult dances. Most dancers need 1-2 years of general dance experience to be comfortable in these classes.

Level 3:
For dancers who know their basics and are comfortable learning new patterns that require balance, body isolation and musicality. Most dancers need 2+ years of formal instruction to reach this level.