Agreements Web Needs Permission To Access Resources In Your Organization

What did you do with your organization administrator to resolve this issue? The easiest way to establish the intermediate connection between your service account is to enable user access to Enterprise applications. In your Office 365 admin portal, switch to Admin Center > Azure AD > users and groups > user settings and make sure that “users can accept apps that access company data on their behalf.” @rajmusuku, we will now close this thread. If there are any other questions about this, please mark me in your answer. We look forward to continuing the discussion and returning to the topic. To reconnect Azure AD to Citrix Cloud, you must sign in to Citrix Cloud with a Citrix cloud administrator account under the Citrix identity provider. If this option is set to no, only users with an administrator role can register these application types. 1 (optional) access to the Read&Write application can be assigned to users or groups if the Microsoft pop-up window requires “Robin Powered Service” to access resources in your organization that only one administrator can deliver. Ask an admin to give permission to this app before you can use it” or a status code from AADSTS90094, you may need to update your Office 365 settings to allow non-admins to sign in to apps like Robin. .

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