Contractors Plant Hire Agreement

Our investment policy of our contractual partners has been developed for both SMEs and UK and multinational companies and offers protection at all risks for all types of equipment and machinery. Our experienced sub-authors are based across the country and are able to tailor their policy formulations to your requirements. Clean facility and/or leased investmentCover for the loss or deterioration of the contract business facility and/or legal liability for losses or damage to contractors` rental facilities and ongoing rental costs. PlantCover rental for clean or leased facilities, which are then leased to another user. Clean objects and surrounding goods preservedCover for damage caused by the impact (up to a limit of $10,000). Property Cost of recovering facilities and equipment closed up to a limit of $25,000. Unsupervised vehicle theftCongrating facilities and equipment up to a $25,000 limit. Inventory PlusDesigned for large fleets of facilities on a flat-rate description basis, in which the insured files a list of all facilities at the offer stage for renewal, renewal and renewal. This can save up to a third of premiums. All-risk insurance for own and leased assets, designed for a wide range of businesses, from UK SMEs to global businesses. Someone manages your claims from start to finish — so they know exactly what`s going on and you know who to call. All-risk insurance to cover the delivery, installation or repair of machines.

Leading renewable energy experts and insurers. Check out and download our brochure, checklist and editorial documents. We always focus on the quickest and fair payment of claims. You may have seen that a consortium of two companies made an offer to buy RSA. It doesn`t change the way you treat us right now. All rules, claims and other interactions with us will continue the same as before. Examples that we talk about and which are the most competitive: the quick and efficient handling of damage when you need it most – for the construction, engineering and renewable energy sectors. We use cookies on our website to improve their performance for visitors. Read our cookie policy for more information. By continuing to use this site, you accept the use of cookies. Are you already an RSA registered broker? Start online shopping now via RSA. With a notification within three hours and an action plan within 48 hours, we quickly take the next steps and agreed updates.

Coverage of liability in the event of loss or damage resulting from a pollution event. It`s always easy to get in touch with us if you need it. Requests for offers receive a response within 24 hours. Get an expert view of the risks your business is exposed to, with pragmatic strategies to mitigate them. We work closely with you throughout the duration of a claim. We make sure that the processing of claims is suitable for all stages. For more information and to receive an offer, contact our underwriting specialist in your area. They are happy to answer all questions and can make quick decisions. Our know-how means that we can tailor coverage to the specific needs of each company.

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