Dj Service Agreement Template

This is the only contract that governs the terms of the services listed. No other written or oral agreement shall be deemed valid. The article “X. Additional Terms” offers a specific area in which we can list additional obligations that should be imposed on the customer, DJ or both as a result of this agreement, but which have not yet been mentioned. If you need extra space, you can use your software to add more lines or cite an additional document containing the provisions that need to be included. If there are no “additional conditions” to document, it is recommended to enter the word “not”. Stealth dj s mobile disc jockey service 31801 sibley road romulus, mi 48174 url: email: eric phone: (734) 753-3755 fax: (734) 753-3755 client agreement between (mobile disc jockey provider): stealth dj s and Dj joshlock whitlock contract i agreement made this day of , 2013, by and between , hereinafter referred to as buyer, and dj Josh whitlock, hereinafter referred to as dj. taking into account the commitments and agreements set out therein. A disc jockey (DJ) contract is used to rent entertainment, play music and entertain customers. The term “disc jockey” or “DJ” is a widely used term to describe a person who plays popular songs, or an artist who creates their own unique original music. The amount paid to the disc jockey depends entirely on the popularity of the individual as well as the event.

A photo contract gives you the protection you need when working with a client. Simply sync your entry form with our PDF template for photo contracts to immediately convert quotes into professional PDF contracts. PandaTip: Electronic signatures have never been easier. This template contains signature fields for you and your customers. Be sure to assign the “sender” and “customer” roles via the menu on the right so that everyone signs in the right place once you`ve sent your final contract. DJ acknowledges that the event mentioned in this Agreement is a rain or sun event and agrees that the weather does not preclude the provision of the services listed in this Agreement. However, lightning is considered an exception due to the metal configuration required for the light and speaker mounts, which allows the DJ to stop working in case of lightning risk. A DJ contract is a document used by two parties when a single DJ (someone providing music and/or audiovisual services for an event) or a company providing DJs agrees to provide DJ services to a client. This agreement allows the DJ and client to sketch the scope of their relationship and describe the specifics of the DJ services provided. This document can be used by customers, for example.

B event organizers, event venues, or individuals who wish to hire a DJ, DJ company, or single DJ who intends to provide these services to a client. You can use this template for the party`s lease agreement to collect information about events and invoices. This rental agreement template also allows you to clarify your terms and conditions and allow your customers to sign this document. After collecting this information from your customer, you can save your submissions as a contractual PDF document with JotForm`s new PDF editor. . . .

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