Doumergue Agreement

The work of the Commission had recently been expanded by two proposals: the law, which had been considered and adopted by the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, was to be applied as State law. In accordance with the Committee`s recommendation, the Canadian Combat Monuments Commission has been appointed as follows: it also undertakes to ensure the maintenance of the park and the monument, in the event that the French Government resumes the free use of the park, with the exception of the country on which the monument will be erected. Our editors will check what you have submitted and decide if the article needs to be reviewed. After the German occupation of Prague in March 1939, in violation of the Munich Agreement, the Chamberlain government in Britain sought Soviet and French support for a peace front. The aim was to repel further German aggression by guaranteeing the independence of Poland and Romania. But Stalin refused to give Soviet support for the guarantees unless Britain and France first reached a military alliance with the Soviet Union. Although the British cabinet decided to seek such an alliance, Western negotiators in Moscow were urgently lacking in August 1939. The talks were poorly and slowly conducted by diplomats with little authority, such as William Strang, an assistant undersecretary of state. Stalin also insisted on British and French guarantees for Finland, the Baltic states, Poland and Romania against indirect German aggression.

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