Editor Author Agreement

If I terminate the contract, you will pay me for the work done up to the date of termination. If you terminate the contract, you pay me for the work done until termination. This is a contract for a freelance writer who works with a client on a project basis. This agreement is between ____ (“Publisher”) and _________ (“Customer”) and covers the following manuscript: The contract must define exactly how much you owe to your editor-in-chief and according to what schedule you must pay it. Ideally, the writer also explains how he arrived at the costs he represents you. For example, I invite by word. So, if an author provides me with a 100,000-word novel, the cost can vary between $900 (US$9 per 1,000 words) and $2,000 (20,$US per 1,000 words) depending on the type of editions I offer. I offer monthly schedules and the schedule of these payments is set out in the contract. Normally, authors pay half in advance, the rest after delivering the edited manuscript. This template is very clear and lets the author know what he can expect from you. I can confirm your writing skills as a client 🙂 and you have been a pleasure, Jeri. Very professional and you finished the job in a period of time that you had predicted. It`s very reliable! Interesting about the copyright statement.

I read the previous comment and I can understand that there may be some confusion. That`s a good contribution, Jeri. Editors Canada assumes no responsibility for the proper completion of the draft contract or any changes thereto….

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