Enforce Settlement Agreement Ccp

In the multiple consolidated appeals against Gauss, the defendant and plaintiff GAF Corporation was one of many former producers, distributors or sellers of asbestos-containing products that had come together to form a unit, the Center for Claims Resolution (CCR), empowered to manage all aspects of asbestos-related litigation against these companies. 103 CA4. the 1113th GAF and all other members of the CCR signed a document in which the CCR was designated as the sole representative for the defence, settlement and payment of all asbestos-related claims. The JRC approved comparisons with several complainants against GAF and other JRC members. 103 CA4. at 1114. GAF did not sign the transactions and, although the amounts to be paid to each claimant were set out in the comparisons, the amounts to be paid by each of the defendants were not allocated.

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