Seedlegals Shareholder Agreement

A shareholders` pact is a binding contract between the shareholders of a company that governs the relationship between shareholders. So think of anyone who has worked on the project who has not yet registered their IP address in the project with your company. Then create an IP assignment agreement for them, and get it signed now. Don`t wait, get everyone to sign an NDA and IP mission as soon as they start working on your idea. Prepare your investment by doing these IP allocations now, your investors will check, it has been done. If existing shareholders have only common shares and the new share offer does not change the rights of their shares, they simply do not need to sign. With SeedLegals, you can create in a few clicks a good shareholder certificate for each shareholder: after going through the above logic, you now have a short list of new and existing shareholders (usually only previous investors, not founders or team members who hold common shares) who must sign the shareholder contract. With SeedLegals, it takes times to create employment contracts (for permanent members of your team) or consulting agreements (for contractors) and make them here on the SeedLegals e-signed platform. Don`t leave your business in danger, take care of it now. Approval from your previous shareholder is necessary, as their shares are diluted by the new shares, and also in case the new shares will give new investors more rights than existing shares and shareholders. A shareholder pact describes the relationship between the company and its various stakeholders, usually founders and investors. Unlike most other documents in which each person has his personal agreement that only he and the company sign, in the case of the shareholders pact anyone who has to sign, does so in a large signature block at the bottom.

A shareholders` pact is a binding contract between the shareholders of a company that governs the relationship between shareholders and determines who controls the company, how the company will be owned and managed, how shareholders` rights can be protected and how shareholders can leave the company. To make your business page look pretty, add your logo and make it feel right at home. Then add your co-founders, team members, shareholders and potential investors as needed under Users – Roles. Before an investor agrees to invest in your business, they will want to perform their own due diligence in the business. Did the founders and the team sign all the contracts with the company? Are there unpaid debts? Who are the other shareholders? And much more. With SeedLegals, you can enter all the important details about your company, your team, your shareholders, directors, board, evaluation, amount you want to raise for your next round, and much more. This data allows you to create the agreements you need to recruit new team members, manage your shareholders, establish and negotiate an agenda, establish your pact and shareholder items, and conclude your next funding cycle. SeedLegals also acts as a collaborative platform that allows you to work with a consultant and investor to conclude interactive negotiations and complete your round table. Once the business data is complete, the contract information will be stored in the cloud and updated on your company dashboard, including new shareholder information and cap tables. This means that the company`s profile is always up to date and ready for the next round. If you create your course table here in SeedLegals, you can even allow your shareholders to have access to the view if you wish.

Whenever you create documents that list shares and shareholder details, SeedLegals automatically fills in that information for you, saving you a lot of time and ensuring that the information contained in all documents is 100% consistent.

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