West Valley College Transfer Agreements

A list of independent colleges and their equivalencies, such as Santa Clara, Notre Dame de Namur, USC, San Francisco and Pacific. Simply put, the articulation deals with how courses are transmitted from one university to another. The articulation is in particular the process of defining courses offered at the Mission College (MC) that are comparable to those of the courses or are acceptable instead of the courses offered in four-year colleges and universities. This process is implemented to help transfer students make a smooth transition (usually from community school to university/university) without delaying or doubling course work. CounselingArticulation Officer and Honors Counselor (408) 741-4037michael.west@westvalley.eduLibrary Room 18 It takes several months to a year, or sometimes longer, to obtain a new or revised course approved for all corresponding transfer articulation lists. The Collegiate Joints Office establishes and maintains articulation agreements between the Mission College and other accredited colleges and universities to ensure that students have a smooth transfer of course credits. The articulation office also supports the faculties of program and program development. In general, the transfer articulation is the orientation of the community college curriculum with other courses and university programs. To achieve this, the process of developing communication and agreements underway between and between post-secondary institutions and four years. A list of extra-government colleges and their equivalencies. The TAP prioritizes the admission of students from the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences` Honors for Majors program.

For more information, please contact the Honors program at (408) 741-2147 or e-mail wvc.honors@westvalley.edu Each university system has its own needs. These requirements vary depending on the primary subject for the student. A articulation agreement is an agreement with a four-year institution that defines West Valley College courses that can be entrusted to meet the general requirements of education, choice or choice. Beginner students must follow these steps for credit/transcription assessment: 2. At least 30 transferable semester units with a cumulative minimum score average (MPA) of 2.5 or higher. The ASSIST repository contains national information on student transfer to public colleges in California. It shows how course credits obtained at one public university or university in California can be applied when transferred to another. ASSIST is the official conservation archive of California public universities and colleges (CC, CSU, UC) and therefore provides the most accurate and up-to-date information available on student transfer to California public institutions. Comments or suggestions to improve this site can be sent to Yolanda Coleman under yolanda.barnes@missioncollege.edu.

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