What Is A Non Housing Act Tenancy Agreement

Typically, these agreements are used when your agreement exists with a company so that it can allow one of its employees to live in the property. If a property is not the tenant`s principal or principal residence, the tenancy does not fall under the Housing Act 1988. Most rentals granted in the private rental sector are “secure short-term rentals”, which has led to the “AST” becoming the standard lease for many rental agents and owners. We`ve detailed everything below to give you an idea of what to expect. If your tenants pay more than £100,000 a year, you can`t have a guaranteed or secure short-term lease. Instead, you have an unsecured lease. This agreement includes additional guarantees to ensure that the value of the property you are renting is not diminished during the tenant`s stay in the property. In England and Wales, unsecured leases are also called “common law” leases because they are subject to the underlying common law and are not governed by the Housing Act 1988. Lawpack offers the following AST leases that you can use: This type of rental can only be used in certain situations where an AST cannot be used. Examples of cases where this type can be used include: However, some tenanies are exceptions, and you may need to use an unsecured short-term lease if any of the following apply: For landlords with subtenants, it is especially important to ensure that they use an appropriate subtenant agreement. These can be easily obtained online. Using the wrong deal could make it much more complicated to remove a difficult subtenant than it should be.

If the tenant of a residential premises is a business, the tenancy is a common law tenancy; There is no clear category of “business rents” in the law, but it is a useful term to describe a facility where the tenant is the business and the business allows employees to live in the property. If tenants share and sign this lease as a group, it is best if they are all family or friends, as problems can arise if you rent to people who do not know each other and want to leave the property at different times. If the lease is signed before the date on which the tenant must enter, it must be signed as a title – this means that the signatures must be attested by an independent person. Not sure what wording you found in a lease? Try our handy Haart Jargon Buster. If you rent the entire property in one contract, this is called a flatshare. Under these agreements, each tenant who signs is required to pay the rent indicated in the tenancy. If a tenant damages the property or violates the contract, all tenants are responsible for the loss you suffer as a result. .

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